Giant hill

When I first started riding.  I used to try to bike to and from work.  There was a hill on the bike path that killed me.  This Friday I had to pay my rent (I put my car on a non op as an incentive to use my bike more often). So I had to ride my bike to the office.  I had to ride a up a hill about 5 times as steep and long as the one on the bike path.  Well blaze was with me he sailed up it like he rode it up everyday.  I misshifted my gears, my chain came off I while was leaning over trying to get the chain back on  Blaze’s tea came out of my camel pack and rolled down the hill.  I chased and managed to grab it. Blaze comes back down he thought I had wiped out cause I was leaning over my bike.  I manage to get the bike back up and head up the hill I make it.  Lungs exploding skin is purple.  Blaze sitting on the curb waiting for me not even breaking a sweat.  I plan to do it again next week.


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