•  when you ride your bike, ride your bike.  Pay attention to what your doing.


  •  Always wear a helmet.I just found this site that tells you how long your helmet should last and when and why your should replace it.  Check it out at
  • This is why I believe in helmets….  My uncle had half of his brain removed due to  a motor cycle accident. He is paralyzed on the left side of his body and has the mentality of a 6 year old.  I like my brain in my head.  My cousin states that a friend of his was riding his bike when someone backed out into the street and hit his friend.  The driver actually rode over his head snapping his helmet in two pieces.  He is perfectly fine his brain is in intact.  The choice is yours, as for me I choose the super cool helmet with life saving powers.


I seriously cannot believe that I have forgotten to add them to my safety hints  for so long. i wear them all the time.  I put sunblock on before i wear them otherwise I would get a wierd glove tan line.  When you ride your hands get a lot of stress from the repeated up and down movement from the ride.  Gloves with Gel in the palms help with that.  Also your hands get sweaty I mean if your riding right they do.  So sweat makes your hands slick and that means your in less control of your bike.  Wear GLOVES be in control of your bike.


  • if you going to listen to music be sure to have loud enough to enjoy but low enough so that when someone yells “HEY WATCH OUT FOR THAT CAR!!!” you’re not rocking out to your death.


  • Wear shoes when you ride.. If its just for a quick ride to the store. My Aunt is missing her big toe cause she got it cut off by  a weird biking accident.  I like my toes.  They are currently painted a lovely blue


  • Don’t check your tires you get a flat. I live in the desert we have tons of thorns I always check my tires before i go and carry a spare tube and pump on my frame
  • Don’t check to see if handlebars are tight you lose control.
  • Seriously it take 20  minutes once a week  to do a whole bike check and about 5 everyday to before you leave. Check out this  if you dont know how or do your own web search if you can’t do it yourself then becomes buddies with someone who does.  I  did all the maintance on my friends bikes.  I taught them how to do themselves.  RetroChik still wont wear a helmet but I am wearing her down I can tell.

The most important thing on your bike is you.  Your a machine as well and need proper nutrition and hydration to function.  I live in the desert so I take a camelback with water with me.  Think about where your going how long it will take and what you need to make it.  If your going on a long trip and know your blood sugar is going to drop take a snack.  take your cell.  BE SMART… BE SMART   it was so important I said it twice.  okey one more time  BE SMART


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