If you think this is about me not having enough to pay the rent your wrong.  It is about me being too cheap to buy a stamp.  My rent is due today!  Being that I have been lazy I have either been asking my mom to drive me (She has been using my car for the better part of a year)  or I have popped it in the mail.  But this month I have systematically sabotaging everything I need to get the letter in the mail.  Envelopes I have put in a safe place ( which means I lost them) stamps forgot to buy them.  

That only leaves one thing to do on my lunch hour I have to ride to the rental place and pay up in person.   Its about a 5 mile ride I used to do between 8 and 10 everyday so I know i can do it but I have been so lazy about riding.  I fought with myself yesterday for the better part of the day until i finally went out.  Today i will go out because i have to.  


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