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New bike

I took all of my savings and bought a new bike. Well actually two the first was a cheapy I got from criegslist. I should of test rode it better utter piece of dog doo. Its now residing in my bike grave yard. The second I went to the local bike shop and bought a trek 820. I went with a mountain bike again because I need the wider tires to help with fact that I am so heavy. I even went with a girls bike after a discussion with a bike rider who gave me a lecture about the different geometry between boy and girls. Its a first for me in a long time. This bike is not a sissy bike. I doesn’t have pink flowers on it. Its black and a coal grey. I have never been much of a pretty princess girl. I am and always will be a tomboy. I miss my Izzo it was a great bike.



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My bike was stolen this morning.  I have been riding Izzo regularly.  The seat was worn to my shape and all shiny where I had rubbed it.  I don’t know what I am gonna do.  I hope I find it.  Or someone sees it.  I don’t even know how I am going to get around town now.  Well enough of my pit pot.  Wish me luck in finding a replacement. I can honestly say it will be hard to find that will be able to support me and that I loved so much.


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