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Slowing down

I have been riding my bike almost everyday pushing myself further and further but tomorrow I will be officially slowing down. I am going on my second round if hcg this means I can only go on very short rides. I have need to lose lot of weight before I can even get to a healthy weight. This is what I have decided. I will go on short daily rides for the next 40 days. After that I am going full on crazy girl again.


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Long ride

Today I had to work I didn’t want to but I did I traded my shift. It was a good trade i had a blast with my family. But today after work I had the following conversation with myself

Me ” I don’t want to go”
Myself ” Your going”
Me” I ain’t
Myself “Put the helmet on”
Me “I look goofy”
Myself “You know you look awesome”

Now I am laying on my bed with the helmet on.

Myself ” Go get Izzo”
Me ” He is sleeping!”
Myself”. Bikes don’t sleep

Now I am sitting on my bed wearing my helmet, gloves and camelback.

Myself” you have to hurry its gonna rain”
Me “I’ll get wet”
Myself ” your gonna stay fat!!”
Me ” “&$@@&)””$)@”

Needless to say I did not win that one. I went on a long ride. I stopped at the co-op and got a fresh squeezed juice. Lucky me the guy screwed up my order and I got it free.

Maybe I shouldn’t tell people I talk to myself 😉

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I would like to thank Alicia at   for nominating me.


The rules for this award are that you must answer the following questions, nominate some blogs that you think deserve the award, and contact the writers of those blogs. So here are the questions…

1. Describe yourself in seven words… . Witty, Funny, Weird, Beautiful, Moody, Smart, and Crazy

2. What keeps you up at night? Nothing any more I have really good sleeping pills

3. Whom do you aspire to be like? I aspire to be like my Aunt she is the embodiment of grace and peace things I really lack.

4. What scares you? The realization that humans are so fragile that we are here one moment and then gone in a split second.

5. What are the best and worst things about blogging? The feedback I get on my blogs about the things I have done on my biking journey. I love hearing about other people going through the same things.  The worse thing is not always having something that it worth blogging

6. What was the last website you looked at? I was on searching for bike gear.

7. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  The fact it took me so long to realize how much I really love to ride a bike. 






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Short ride

I wanted to not go on my bike ride when I got home from work. I wanted to lie in my bed and do what I did before which was nothing. I failed at that. I went for a short ride. Just in time because now its raining. I love monsoon season. Hot and wet. The short ride was harder then normal. I don’t know If I was the fact I went on two rides yesterday or that I may be coming down with a cold. But easy hills were hard. I normally feel amazingly alive after a ride today I feel burnt.

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Waiting for the daylight.

I am waiting patiently for the sun to come up. I need to see that road very clearly. I need to see where the sand has shifted. During last nights rain. So I don’t go flying into something I wasn’t expecting.

It’s the fourth of July so I have big plans. BBQ with family and I plan to eat. So I need to go on the longer ride. It was raining last night I left Izzo out in the rain at least i thought I did. I woke up this morning and he was in the kitchen right next to Blazes new ride. I really have a good kid. Either that or my Izzo learned how to open up the door and come in on his own. I am sticking with the good kid theory.


I didn’t take the bike computer with me because on my last ride I took brought it inside and I do not remember where I put it. This is what I know. I left around 7 got back around 8. I rode past where I had set my last goal up hill by a whole block. About 5 minutes in it started to rain. Izzo almost screams when his breaks are wet. Think I woke the whole neighborhood up when I came back. I only stopped one time that’s because a caddy almost flattened me.

I am soaking wet but I feel fantastic.

I must be a glutton I went for a second short ride today. It was hot. I went down the arroyo. Mainly to keep away from cars. I don’t want to become road pizza on the fourth. I have decided to call my cousin the actor Gilligan because in one of his old headshot he looks like Gilligan and his wife makes the perfect Mary Anne. So now we Hulk, Gilligan and Mary Anne, The professor and beloved.


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Rained out


It’s pouring outside not somewhere I want to be. I will admit its colder then normal. Which would of made for a great ride but I don’t know how long it’s gonna be raining. Super dry soil and lots of rain don’t make for safe riding conditions in my mind

I read the all season cyclist’s blog and I am sure that he would be out there. I have only been riding a few months and I don’t think I have enough skill to fend off both the weather and the drivers who don’t have any visibility.

I was also gonna go to the electric light parade down town with my cousin The Actor and his lovely wife they came to visit me. I am really happy they came. I haven’t seen The Actor for a really long time. I missed him. I know I just saw them last weekend but I hadn’t seen them for a year and a half before that.

The plan is to get up in the morning and go for a ride before I hang out with my cousins for the fourth.

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My reward


That’s Rocky my neighbors dog he greeted me today at the end of my ride. I did a short ride today because I want to be able to continue to ride everyday. So today I did the route that I first started out with the arroyo its only 1.3 miles it was only 108 and it only took me 14:23 I average 5.6 miles an hour. When i first started out I stopped about every 10 feet I wheezed I felt like dying. Today I did not stop even when I almost ran into the guard rail. I am drenched in sweet sweat and I feel great. You might think that is a short work out but I went on a walk earlier.

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