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Miles a week

I have mananged to be able to get to my goal of riding 5 days a week. Its approxiamately 3.5miles to work, so 3.5 times 2 times a day 5 days a week is 35 miles in one week. If i manage to do this for for a month I will have ridden a hundred and fourty miles.


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My First Post.

I am not really sure on how this thing works.  This is what I am doing I am trying to do, I am working at become a healthier me I am also dragging my son along with me (Don’t pitty him)I eat junk food 90% of the time I weigh …..  quick run to the bathroom scale 324.8 pounds it is currently 9:56  10/16/10am in New Mexico. 

About an month ago my car broke its axle.  I had only one reasonable choice fix my car. Did I do that?  No!  I had needed some groceries so I dragged my 16 year old son Blaze ( No that’s not his real name, I don’t want to embarrass him more then necessary)with me to the local Wal-Mart.  We had walked its not that far.  Less then a mile.  We were winded and tired and had sweat pouring down everywhere.  As we wondered through the store we ended up in the bike section.  I bought two bikes and we rode home.

My goal is to be able to ride all the way to work and then back home 5 days a week.  I live about 4 miles from work.  The city that I live in is very hilly not horrible steep hills like in San Francisco but more like rolling hills.  There are two major hills that currently give me grief.  The one by the water tower near the Wal-Mart.  The other one is a longer hill with a mild upgrade its just before the bike trail.  As for the one by the the towerI have only seen one rider make it up there but he is a real biker.  You could tell by looking at him that he had been at this riding thing a long time.  When this biker Rider passes me he smiles. It’s a  good smile the kind that warms your soul.  I am going to call him Happy. The other hill is the one by my house that leads up to the walking/bike trail.  I don’t like to ride in the street because I have nearly been hit by a car several times by drivers who don’t look where they are going.

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