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No bike

I am on a mini vacation. I did not bring my bike I feel lost. I wanna ride!!! I guess I have to go for a three hour historic walk through downtown Santa Fe with my family instead. I’ll post pictures.


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Thorns, Thorns everywhere Thorns

If you read this post you know I live in the desert it is now in the hot stage soon will be the suck your soul out of your body hot.

The one thing that grows well in the desert is thorns. The other day I felt taller but when I took of my shoes off i realized it was because I had about 1000 thorns stuck on my soles.

So how does one not get million of holes on their tires? I have thorn resistant tires I have tire liners that are thorn resistant oh and self sealing tubes. So far so good. They sell the filled foam tires there basically solid tires. I tried them once. Everything was going well until I tried to turn a corner. Then the combined weight of me was too much for the tubes they came right out of the tires and I did a stint as a land surfer. I do not like solid tubes if your riding on a paved surface and have very easy turns use them but if your in the real world. Try some real tires.

This post was written days ago but I didn’t realize I didn’t post it.


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Last ride before I go on vacation

I am leaving in six hours I have a ton of stuff to do like I don’t know pack. Which is really what I should be doing but why oh why am I gearing up to go for a ride? Because i have had some kind of brain change. I think about riding my bike all the time. I close my eyes and I see my self drenched in sweat on top of some wicked hill I have conquered. But I don’t see fat Mynkist I see something else I see a biking femme fatale.
So here is to a good ride and a safe trip. I wish my bike would fit on the car!!

Just got back from my ride got all of the new tire oil off of Izzo. I rode my complete ride non-stop well except for the stop signs. With my new bike computer I could tell it was 73 degrees burr!! I rode 1.5 miles and I averaged 5 miles an hour. Not bad for someone 230 pounds over her goal weight. Could of gone longer but have to pack. I have to clean . I have to do something. Later gator !

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Going on vacation

I just got back from a short ride. I am alternating long and short rides I am working really hard. In two days I am going to my uncle the professor’s 70th birthday party. Which means no bike for days. I don’t know what I am gonna do. Besides talking to my cousins the hulk, the rocker, the actor and the cyclist. I love blogging cause I get to give my family cool names my Uncle the Professor is married to Beloved. From the moment the Professor saw her he knew he was gonna marry her. They have been together for 42 years. Last time I saw them together they were still so happy.

Sorry it’s just so cool gives me hope. Anyway if anyone reads this and had any ideas for alternatives.

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I got off the couch

I waited and waited for the swamp cooler guy. He showed up a little after 7. Then he forgot a tool and he leaves I get bored so I started to pump my tires but find out my pump is broken. Hail to the bike god cause when the swamp cooler guy finally showed back up I am little pissed off he asked what was wrong i explained and he had a pump and fixed my tire for me. I also think he asked me out but I was to amazed by my firm tires. I blew him off. The reason I hate riding so late is because it amps me. I am too tired to get out of bed but not tired enough to go to sleep.

So this morning I get up I am a little bit sore didn’t sleep well my dog kept trying to sneak on the bed so she could sleep on my feet. Normally I don’t hurt so much after a ride or my job as dog pillow. But, my msm powder is missing. I blame the teenager. I ransacked the kitchen looking for it finally I decide to go in Blazes room. I ask him where it is nicely because one it’s five am and two he is huge I am afraid he may jump up half asleep and crush me, “Blaze where is my msm powder and the vit c powder”. ” mom leave me alone it’s dark”. ” Where” I ask from the safety of the hall. ” I sold it” Blaze answers. ” WHAT?”. I asked more bravely sorta in his room ” I sold it to the drug dealer down the street … He said he been watching you and that he never saw a fat person move so much… I made 25 dollars”. He answers then rolls over I can hear stifled laughter and fake snoring.

I don’t know to be proud of him for being clever or if I should yell at him for losing my msm powder. I’ll have to decide later I need to get ready for work.

I found the msm and vit c powders they were in the lower kitchen cabinet my mom moved them because she cleaned the kitchen table and arranged it her way. Failing to realize she is a guest and should leave things the &;!:)? alone.

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It’s 97 degrees outside

It is hot outside it is melt the skin off your face hot. Normally I would be gearing up for a ride but that has been postponed until later today when it’s cooler. I have to wait for the swamp cooler guy. So the ride is postponed until about 7 or 8 tonight. The reason I don’t like going so late is that I go to sleep around 10 so I can be up bright and early to get work.

Today I need to go I didn’t go yesterday because my knee was sore and I wanted to rest it a bit. But today I feel good. I am ultimately afraid if I stop I won’t start again it’s so easy to keep myself on a chair.

I’ll post tomorrow so you can see if I got up off my chair.


That’s Izzo’s new crank and pedals I’ll take a better picture soon.

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Like Butter

I picked up Izzo my bike from the shop at exactly three. I go in the new lady at the counter wants to know what I am there I reply “I want the giant iguana 650 I broke it”. The bike guy I was complaining about earlier pipes up from behind the racks ” It’s not broken anymore I fixed it” I take ever mean thought and thing I said about him back. He is a mad genius.

When the new lady brought out my bike we started to chit chat about my seat. I am a large woman who weighs over 300 pounds. I do not ride a standard horned bike seat. I ride a hornless seat. It doesn’t rub those delicate girl spots. On that seat I can ride several miles on a regular seat I can get about thirty feet before it becomes wedged into me so far it’s almost unretrievable.

That’s enough to give people nightmares. Okey so if your a girl who is a little over weight try a hornless seat it is good investment in your life. Be stronger live better.

Okey I went off topic the new crank and pedals ride like I am stepping on butter. They are so smooth l don’t ever remember riding on a bike that was so smooth. I am totally in love with them. The new tire is coming in a few days so will be riding in style.

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