This a only Picture I have left of the Roadmaster I might have few more on my camera I am charging it up now. If i find it I will post it. Nope sorry I didn’t find one it kinda bummed me out. I had a really cool one of me at the top of that freaking hill I hate.



after he was freed from the weeds and my first ride

Seriously can you see the grunge on those tires. I am still shocked at how long I rode those tires after being neglected for so long. I ordered the same kind of replacement tires on amazon for Izzo.

UPDATE: Izzo was stolen. It broke my heart.

Blaze will be getting his new bike today I will post pictures of it soon

This is my Blog buddy her name is Orea and she finds the fact that I would rather type on the computer then pet her really annoying. You cant tell but she is laying on my feet. Its her favorite thing to do next to barking at the neighbors kids.

Are you done yet???

This is my new bike
I call it Skaro I am a fan of scifi

This is what I wear when I go out riding in the cold

And this is what I look like currently


I am really proud of my changes at one point I looked like this


I had no neck!!


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