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Broken Chain

Blaze and I went for a 12 mile bike ride last friday about 3 miles in catastrophe Blaze breaks his chain.  I was actually ahead of him so I don’t know exactly what happend but he says he was in the middle of shifting when a car pulls out in front of him he slams on his brakes and the chain breaks.  Its a three mile walk to walmart which is where we are originally going.  So after buying a chain repair kit we realize the replacement link is not the right thickness. I go in buy a replacement chain and a pair of pliers to put it on.

  All in all the trip to the store takes about five times as long as it should. I also forgot my bike chain lock key and so did Blaze its genetic I guess. So finally I get to do why were here at the store to get some grub.  I have no panniers or one of those cool carts you can tow behind you. I have one of those army surplus backpacks that I got for a dollar.  Blaze has a duffle bag with a strap.  I leave Blaze outside to watch the bikes he rides a Releigh and Izzo is a Giant.  I am not letting some hooligan ride off with our bikes.  I spent about 30 minutes picking out food and I sware at least that much time in line.  After we divide the load we bike home ride home is harder its at a slight uphill and were tired from the walk ride earlier. Oh I forgot to say my sholders were super sore from my cheap backpack digging into them.  I was loaded down and wet and super tired.  I can honestly say I wanna go again,,, 


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It was raining

I am amazing myself I biked 12 miles on both friday and Saturday. Friday was kinda of interesting Blaze went with me and he broke his chain broke. Blaze had to walk 3 miles to walmart. I bought a new chain and a plier this kind old guy with only one eyed helped us fix it. For as I have rode bikes, I have never ever replaced a bike chain. Then it started to rain I got soaked it was insane. Saturday I went alone it was windy I road against it all the way down. I thought i would be pushed on my way home but the wind shifted. I forgot my sunglasses so I got a lot sand in my eyes. But it’s becoming addicting.


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Giant hill

When I first started riding.  I used to try to bike to and from work.  There was a hill on the bike path that killed me.  This Friday I had to pay my rent (I put my car on a non op as an incentive to use my bike more often). So I had to ride my bike to the office.  I had to ride a up a hill about 5 times as steep and long as the one on the bike path.  Well blaze was with me he sailed up it like he rode it up everyday.  I misshifted my gears, my chain came off I while was leaning over trying to get the chain back on  Blaze’s tea came out of my camel pack and rolled down the hill.  I chased and managed to grab it. Blaze comes back down he thought I had wiped out cause I was leaning over my bike.  I manage to get the bike back up and head up the hill I make it.  Lungs exploding skin is purple.  Blaze sitting on the curb waiting for me not even breaking a sweat.  I plan to do it again next week.

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Halloween night ride

Yesterday was an intresting day, afterwork I was outside fixing my bike seat when my neighbors grandson says” hey there’s smoke”. I look and the house across the arroyo has its yard on fire .  I call 911 fire department comes.  My son and me go riding to the movie theater see a slasher face it it’s halloween.  When go riding to wienersnitzel get some food some crazy guy is there spouting something about the plants getting high and drunk.  I am amazed at how much stronger I have become.  My body is punishing me less.  Good things to come I hope.

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