White Sands

In one of my earlier post I stated that I was doing a bike ride with my cousin The Hulk at White Sands National monument. It was a goal of mine to be able to ride 18 miles all at one time.  Being over 300 pounds its not always easy to even get motivated for even a short ride.  This is how this it went.  The Hulk arrived at my house we went out and got lunch and messed around town and then came back and grabbed Blaze. We loaded up all three bikes and headed off for the ride.

We we got there and put the bikes back together, then we were ready for the ride.  We did our safety check got a glow stick taped to our bikes. We tried to take some pictures but it was dark very dark.  We got one okey one ill put it up at the bottom of the post.  We got some general info from the rangers about safety and returns times so we could ride going up till 11 and then ride back.  We rode almost 2 hours stopped and played in the sands.  We came up to a sign in the road and checked the sign it was 10:40.  We decided to go back.  The gang of decided that we would use the sign as a marker for October when we came back.  As we rode back it only took an hour or so Blaze literally left us in his dust.  I was upset that I didn’t finish the ride.  But my anger was released as  my exhaustion kicked in.  I peddled at least 90 percent of the ride.Blaze had been waiting by the rangers for about 10 minutes before we strolled in.  We loaded up and headed home.  While chatting in the car The Hulks wonders how far we went none of our gps systems worked I am assuming it had something to do with the military base across the street.  Blaze chimes in “oh I talked to the ranger and she said that sign was the end of the loop we did the full 18 miles”.

I met my goal! It took me three hours but I did it.  I think my next goal should be a half metric century.


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