Easy Peasy

All hail the first flat of the year. Normally I would be pushing my bike home after I get a flat yelling and acting crazy.  Ok I don’t do that but I grumble a lot.  When my Giant Iguana Izzo wa stolen the took my frame pump, lock and moon fuzzy with them.  ( moon fuzzy is a cute little magnet pompom thing sold by the local boy scouts to raise money for trips and such).
  My mom knowing I was bummed got me one of those C02 dispenser pumps.  I put it in my camel back.  (I even have an extra tube and levelers in there ) It has a couple of cartridges.  I didn’t think anything of it until I was riding during lunch one day.  I just finsihed 6 miles and was just reaching the point where I know I am about 2 miles from home.  When my bike starts making this annoying sound.  It sounded like my breaks were squeeking I sometimes zone out a bit when I ride.  So I had to double check that I wasn’t braking and then I looked down at my tire and it looks low.  Really low. I was just about to start whining and moaning.  When it hit me I have that CO2 dispenser.  I hooked it. I looked over the tire it was good.  Blasted some CO2 in it and was good to go.  I have been keeping an eye on it but so far so good. 


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