Being Carless

When i came up with an idea of how to make myself loose weight. It seemed pretty simple to me I stopped using my car.  I had started working from home. So no need to drive to work.  I live about a mile from the laundry mat before I got the pod (trailer) I would put all my dirty laundry in an army duffle bag and walk down wash it and walk back. Before the pod Blaze and I would get our duffles take them down to the grocery store and ride back.  About 6 miles round trip.  Now I just take the pod I still make Blaze go I pull it home he unloads the groceries and puts it away. 

A friend of mine still can’t understand it he keeps asking me why I would do such a crazy thing.  I live in the desert in the summer it will be up to at least 114° F in the shade.  My answer was that I need to create a situation that required me to work out.  If I need toothpaste I have to get on my bike or or walk to get it.  If I want clean clothes I have to move it.  I  even bike to the movie theater. 

When I first started things got neglected.  Clothes got smelly really smelly.  I remember there being nothing in the fridge.  It took time.  I am eating a lot better I use the myfitnesspal app to watch my food.  I use the mapmyride app to track my rides.  I log everything if I hop on my bike for a trip to the hardware store it counts.  If I move I log it if I eat I log it. I can’t tell if I have lost weight because I have had two scales break on me last year.  First one I picked up to sweep under and the sensor foot came off.  Second one I paid more money for a better on and it was working great .
I get up one morning I step on it and it has an error so I put new batteries in and I get the same error.  Tried contacting the manufacturer and nothing.  So as soon as I have extra cash.  After getting new pedals and a new seat.  I will get a scale.  In the mean time I feel amazing.


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  1. Yay!! That’s awesome! Glad you stuck it out. Hope that you are happy once you get back on the scale. But the important thing is that you feel great!

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