I broke my seat!

I broke my seat!  I am using a noseless or hornless bike seat made by schwinn it was in my price range and I had another one on my giant for years.  It was even super shiny from use.  But this new one is defective.  I came in after a long ride and was coming in my gate wheb  I went to lean it on trash can so I could close the gate and it started to fall so I grab the closest thing I could which was the seat and I felt it move in an unnatural way.  I didn’t think much of it till my next ride.  and I was pulling my bike into the house and  Blaze says to me its nice out I am gonna clean my chain I’ll do yours too.  ( He is turning into such gentleman).  I leave my bike in my now carless carport and sit on one of the chairs outside to watch.  When I notice my bike seat is looking strange.  At first I think its cause I did a long ride so I double check with Blaze yep its looking weird.  So after the chains are cleaned up and oiled up.  Blaze moves the bikes ins
ide.  We take the seat off and take a look at it.  On the inside the plastic broke.  I can’t afford a new one so Blaze comes up with the idea to gorilla glue it.  I filled it up with gorilla glue last night before I went to bed.  I will be going on a ride in a few minutes.  Ill post if it works.


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