Red Light, Green Light

So I have been doing a lot of riding lately.  Almost everyday I did take one day off this month which was honestly a good idea. I now have it scheduled every week one day off.  I can honestly say it made me crazy to take a day off. This past month I rode 12 out of 13 days.  I was SORE!!! I had managed to find a new level of base hurt. So talking to my cousin The Hulk he decided I should probably rest or I’ll burn out.  I tend not to argue with him because he is a lawyer and gets paid to argue for a living that and he is my own personal jimmeny Cricket so for a day I did nothing I didn’t go for a walk, didn’t ride, and didn’t put in an exercise video. Nothing Nada Vilch Zero. I was like a little kid waiting for christmas I just wanted to take a quick spin around the park on my block like 30 times.  I was good.  Its been a few days since I did my day of nothing and honestly I feel AMAZING. I still am sore but its so much less now.  I even have more miles with the day of rest then I did without it this week.  I wil post the totals after todays ride tomorrow.  Last week I had a total of 34.33 miles as of yesterday I have 34.85 and I have a whole ride left.   I was looking online at local bike clubs but they all ride on days that I work.  But they do have a metric century and a half metric century coming up in October.  I think ill set that as a goal. 


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