My weeks total 34.35 miles

I have been really giving it a really good try this last week.  i have rode everyday. Today I even passed a random cyclist while riding. Passing someone is a first for me. 
I am a little sore I did try and raise my seat when the All Seasons Cyclist said for me to try and raise it, but by the end of the ride it was back flush with my frame and a little to the left..  So I had to look for a reason besides my standard your just too fat for it answer.  I took my bike into my study/work area and between work I noticed that my bike light was hanging oddly so I removed the light and saw that it wasn’t put together right.  I probably did it in a rush.  I reassembled it and moved it down lower.  The trek has a longer cut in the pole where the seat goes then my giant did.  When I moved the light and put the seat back I tightened up the connector and went for a ride.  Guess what the seat didn’t move!! Boy I am smart sometimes.  I think I will need to move it up a bit more.  I’ll raise for my grocery run tomorrow.


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