Sore Knees

My knees have been hurting pretty much everyday especially after a ride and I have been riding every day I am at almost 4 miles a day .  My knees have have hurt everyday all the time.  I was thinking you weigh over 300 pounds your riding up hills, peddling as fast as you can.  Your suppose to hurt.  Then I started thinking.  I have had back problems and they hurt like the dickens I made it better by exercising. I exercised my back and the pain went away like magic.  I googled knee strengthening exercises yesterday did about 5 minutes and when I got up this morning I was pain free.  Go figure.



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2 responses to “Sore Knees

  1. Do your knees hurt when you ride on level ground, or only when you hit the hills? There is an old “rule of thumb” that if your knees hurt in the front your saddle is too low; if your knees hurt in the back your saddle is too high.

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