MapMyRide Droid app

I am really starting to like the new MapMyRide app I got in the play store.  It has a ton of features the coolest is the map feature.  I can actually see how far and fast I go. At first didn’t like that it didn’t have a pause feature.  I found it buried in settings so now ill have just the time moving recording.  Not the times I spend wheezing at stop lights.

I had a bike computer but that was stolen with my bike Izzo. So for now this will do. I have gotten pretty much everything back to normal now since my Giant Iguana 650 “IZZO”was stolen. If anyone has one kicking around that they are not using and want to give it to me I would be more then happy to pay shipping as long as its in a rideable condition.

Okey so far were in the first week of febuary and I have signed up for 2 fitness challenges.

#1 the MapMyRide Rock My Resolution challenge
This is 10 workouts in 30 day of at least 30 minutes
#2 a personal goal of 90 miles.

I did the #1 today it was 3.75 miles and a minute over 30 but I was riding a little faster then normal really pushing. So to get the last 5 minutes of the ride I was going circles down my block. My neighbors think I am crazy anyway.

I plan to add swimming to my work out tomorrow so I will ride to the pool. Then swim and then ride back. I plan to pack a lunch cause I know ill be crazy hungy at the end of swimming. But only if I can find my suit. And if it doesn’t rain.

I looked up the times for swimming on the schedule and nothing falls into my schedule dang it.


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