7.46 miles

I have been going on rides pretty much ever week several times the highest mileage I have put in lately is about 4 miles.  Yesterday I went on a 7.46 mile ride. It killed me big time.  I went with Blaze he peddles a bit and then sails off .  Behind him you find me peddling like a mad woman. I usually find a nice stride and try to keep.  Yesterday my goal was to keep up.  I didn’t catch up to him but I sure as hell tried.  I kept him just a few feet ahead of me.  I even broke out the pain killer I even had to dust off the container and check the date to make sure it was still safe to take.  Today I’ll do a shorter ride and take tomorrow off from riding.  It is amazing how much I enjoy this even when I am trying to catch up with Blaze.  I need to find a good protien bar cause I sometimes come home with the screaming meanies.


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