I wanna go…

Okey so I live in new mexico and where I live we have sand and more sand. Some miles away from me there is amazing sand. Its white not like beige beach sand its white gypsum its soft and amazingly beautiful and its like being on another world. I was planning on doing a day trip but when I looked on the website I found something amazing. They offer a few bike rides a year on full moons. I wanna go. I wanna go. I wanna go. (That’s my inner 2yr old). So the plan is I am gonna convience my cousin the Hulk that he wants to go to. Not only because he is great company but he also has a jeep to get the bikes there. I will have to use Jedi mind tricks. I mean who wouldn’t want to. Its a fun ride with 200 people in the dark.

My jedi mind trick worked. The Hulk wants to go!!
I emailed the park and found out its 16 miles. I rode 7.64 miles today so I should be able to get up enough endurance by april to complete the whole ride


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