I have been going to the grocery store on my bike for a few months.  Blaze and I loaded down with groceries in our backpacks.  Buying a trailer of any kind has not been an option I simply could not afford it.  The company I work for offers a rewards program I have not been really paying attention to it.  Other day I was bored and looked into the catalog I actually had enough points for a bike trailer.


Its not for cargo its for kids but it can hold up to 100 pounds.  That’s alot of food.  My dogs eat a fifty pound bag pretty much every two weeks.  The trailer will be awesome.

So I hooked up the trailer. I don’t have a kick stand so I wedged it my gate. I went for a ride it was pretty for I managed to get it stuck in a gate

When I got home I forgot about my kickstands. So my bike fell over.

It scared the dogs. I think it tweeked my bike it’s not rolling right I tried to fix it Blaze tried to fix it. Tomorrow I will take it to Pablo and he will fix it.



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