I don’t have any real cycling clothes most are way to small or too expensive.  Have I mentioned I am poor?  So when it gets super cold like yesterday I tried to go outside but 12° was too darn cold for me.  I am originally from southern California.  Its gonna be at least upper 20’s today so ill put some miles in.
I went for a ride and was frozen from the outside to the very core of my being.  At one point I think I saw my breath turn into ice cubes.  Maybe I embellished but I was cold.I think I will find something to do inside as exercise for awhile.



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2 responses to “12°

  1. I live north of Chicago and it has been fairly warm here this year — only a few rides in temps below 15 degrees. However, some years we have to ride in temps down to -20 (or lower) and that makes 12 degrees seem like a heat wave!

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