I have no clue how to ride in this


I live in the desert where its 114° under the shade of a tree.  I have no idea how to ride in this.  Any



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3 responses to “I have no clue how to ride in this

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any good suggestions personally, but I would think that keeping yourself very well hydrated is extremely important. Bring multiple cold water bottles with you on every ride. I also found a few tips from searching on good old google on how to ride in hot weather — check out this page from About.com http://bicycling.about.com/od/howtoride/tp/Stay_cool_in_hot_weather.htm

    and this on on bicycling.com might be helpful also http://bicycling.com/blogs/ramblingman/2012/06/08/how-to-beat-the-heat-while-cycling-this-summer/

    good luck!


  2. Wow – mega snow. I discovered this bloke’s blog “AllSeasonCyclist” (http://allseasonscyclist.com/) and his adventures in these conditions are epic. Great tips too on how to beat these conditions for both your body and bike.

  3. stay in low gear and steer the bike with the handlebars like a car and don’t lean to steer or practice falling

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