Ten Miles

For someone who rides alot it does not seem like much.  A person who is two hundred pounds over weight its amazing.  That is what I was today AMAZING


All Seasons Cyclist   left the following comment but I accidently erased it so I copied it from my email

We all have to start somewhere! Keep riding your bike and your weight will melt away and before long you will be riding 40 or 50 miles without giving it a second thought.



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2 responses to “Ten Miles

  1. foodaddictionrecovery

    That’s fantastic!!!

  2. Josh here from the BlinkPacking blog. This is an awesome post. I started my biking habit with just a two mile commute to the office. It was torture at first, but I promptly lost a lot of weight and started feeling better about myself. I am excited to follow your journey into cycling. Wishing you all the best!

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