I filed my rim

After my 6th flat.  I did a search on the net and found articles suggesting everything from filing the hole in the rim to making duct tape liners. So I decided to do as much of these as possible to my tire. I started with the hole in the rim, I didn’t find any kind of burr that I could feel. But none the less I filed it. Being a metalsmith I filed and sanded and made it as smooth as a babies behind. I then read an article suggesting that you can make rim liners out of either duct tape I bought new rubber ones but there was an area that was exposed. I didn’t have a roll of new duct tape available but I had a length that was wrapped around my office chair arm. So I used that I covered the exposed area. I also wrapped the stem. I am on my third ride same tire. I don’t know if its because of what I have done or because I finally got a non defective tire. Not really sure I do know I am waiting for the sun to come up so I can go for a ride.

I will be adding a stats page this next Sunday for the miles I did during the week. I am still really overweight and sometimes a 2 mile ride kills me…. Long as my numbers keep going up don’t be too cruel with the comments.


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