Angry letter part two

Finally I managed to get two tires that wouldn’t go flat on me it was amazing. I went on a ride and didn’t end up on the side of the road frantically pumping my tire hoping to be able to finish my ride. I have been in contact with the manufacturer of those defective tires.  The representive is the most irrational person I have had the pleasure of doing business of dealing with.  Here is paraphrased account of my angry emails.

ME:  I have three defective tubes I want replaced.

HER: we will send you one!

ME: honestly you won’t replace all your defective products

HER: I think were being generous.

ME: Three tires are defective I want three replaced that’s fair. I am pissed off.. I use my bike as my main mode of transportation.  If I need a replacement tube its six miles to the nearst place I can get a one. How hard is it get a replacement.

HER: if you have an emergency please call this number.

ME:  /%-$?$$#;! !!!!!  I got a different brand of replacements this is not an emergency please replace your defective tires.  How hard is this???????

HER: you don’t want them now?  I had them ready to send.

ME:  (BANGING MY HEAD AGAINST MY DESK)  Please send me the tires.

That was the last email.  I don’t know what’s going on now. I do know its frustrating.

Right now I am getting ready to go for a ride I went outside amazingly after an hour long ride yesterday my new tires are full of air. I took my rims and my old liners to my angry bike guy.  He looked at them said  that the old liners were fine and that there was no reason for the tires to fail on my part.  I had replaced the liners earlier.  Hopefully I will get those replacements soon.  Otherwise I might pull my hair out!


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