No luck

I went out this morning to get my laundry and  there was yet another flat on Izzo’s back tire. I admit it my roads suck.  The bike path is littered with pits and chunks of things pointy. The road near the arroyo is littered with glass.  Its a horrible place to ride.  I know this but its the only place I have.  I pumped up the tire this morning when it gets a little lighter outside I will test it out.  I never know until I put some of my weight on it.  Hopefully it will last a few rides. I need stronger tires.   I tried the filled tires but with my weight when I turned a corner and they slip right off. It was super not fun.

So I pumped the tire I got about a mile then I heard the familiar sound of the tire grabbing on to the road.  That crunching sound the tire makes when its pulling free of the road its overheld.  I pulled over got off and tried to pump the  tire it didn’t work.  I would at least get a couple of weeks out of a tire this is starting to get real old


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