Finally a ride

I have had a string of bad luck lately. Every ride I have taken has ended in a walk home because of a flat tire. Finally yesterday  I had success. I went about five miles.  I know five miles doesn’t seem a lot when your in shape.  But when you carry twice the amount of pounds then your body can carry five miles seems like a death march.
  I also tried a new app I have a droid for a phone.  So I tried the CycleDroid app so far I am liking it. I had gotten a bike computer that attached to my bike tire.  But I didn’t like it. It asked me all sort of questions I don’t know the answers too. I like the app it told me I was going further then I thought I was.  I also do alot of stopping.  I still weigh over 300 pounds.  So I sometimes will stop when I can’t go on I take a break and go on. The CycleDroid app does have one thing I don’t like I need actual time and the ride time. 


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