I couldn’t wait

I decided I couldn’t wait to get the new tube liner and tube yesterday.  I may regret that when I am running out of food this week.  Who knows.  I also got bamboozled by Blaze to get him a kickstand.

I was already outside this morning checking out the new tube looks good. Might get a ride before my long commute from my bedroom to my office. I have a new goal that will help me with my old goal of going on the Camino de Santiago.  I plan to go completely carless.  I started work at home no commute I live like two blocks from a grocery store and about 6 miles from a walmart.  So I think its a reachable goal.  If your wondering about winter snow well we rarely get it I should be golden




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2 responses to “I couldn’t wait

  1. I’ve been bike commuting for a while – it has worked out better than I had expected. The next step is grocery shopping – load up the panniers.

    Thanks for sharing.

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