I figured it out…

This morning I have to dig the glass out of my tire and see if the tube is salvageable. I have gone on exactly three bike rides this week and have had two flats.  My odds suck.  The local bike shop offers a bike tire that has a two year warranty against flats.  I can’t afford it right now.  Sadly I have to wait till my next paycheck.  I got paid today.   I am hoping against all hope that I can salvage that tire. The longer I go without riding the easier it is to not go ever.  I have a goal I am not coming anywhere near it.

What’s that have to do with my goal?  Well I want to bike the Camino de Santiago its 800km and right now I can’t get more then a few miles before I have to repair my bike or replace or patch a tube.
I love my bike it’s like it was laying in wait for me when I rescued it from the weeds. I have lovingly repaired and cleaned and lubed my bike.  It faithfully carries me. The tube and tire destruction has everything to do with where I live.  Why do people think its okey to go around smashing bottles? I mean really?

I took the tube out of the tire stem was screwed again. So I did what I should of done the last time. Took the tire completely apart and wow my rim tape had harden and had ripped up and was basically sawing into the tube as I rode. 1.90 later and a new tube problem solved I hope

went and bought a new tire for the front pumped it on little hand pump rode like a quarter of a mile to the gas station finished filling up those last five pounds. Hopped on the bike rode about 2 miles then wham flat tire back tire. Do I have awesome luck or what?


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