New Security System

I don’t have a lot of money so when anything goes wrong with my bike I have to sometimes have to wait to get it fixed.  My peddle disaster took me almost two weeks to repair. So being poor means I don’t live in the best area.  My neighbor had a pitbull that they had for over a year and then decided to get rid of it.  So I have a new dog.  He is such a sweety if your me or my son.  Other wise he is 80 pounds of pure muscles with a mouth described by my cousin The Hulk as crocodile like. I used to leave my bike chained to my car port and worry the entire time I was gone.  I would worry that some hooligan would come in my yard and take my sweet Izzo.  But between Orea my dog I have had since she was a puppy and my new dog Rocky.  I invite you hooligans to enter into my yard at your own risk.  May you enter in one piece and leave in pieces.


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