Seriously the stem

So I finally got a new tire for my bike.  I had great plans to ride over my moms for breakfast with family.  I always have great plans. I woke up early changed my tire.  I even oiled my chain had a rain storm a few days before.  I hadn’t rode in awhile so going up the hills harder then normal.  I got to my favorite part of riding where I am slightly out of breath and pouring sweat.  It was  then I realized the old stupid tire was flat. I tried to pump it up with my frame pump but I realized air was coming out of the stem.  I live in the desert I usually get about 4 or 5 goatheads a ride.  So I have kevlar tires and liners and sealing tubes.   I never once thought I could get a flat from my stem.  Luckily I my uncle the professor was there so he helped me get a new tire.


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