Long ride

Today I had to work I didn’t want to but I did I traded my shift. It was a good trade i had a blast with my family. But today after work I had the following conversation with myself

Me ” I don’t want to go”
Myself ” Your going”
Me” I ain’t
Myself “Put the helmet on”
Me “I look goofy”
Myself “You know you look awesome”

Now I am laying on my bed with the helmet on.

Myself ” Go get Izzo”
Me ” He is sleeping!”
Myself”. Bikes don’t sleep

Now I am sitting on my bed wearing my helmet, gloves and camelback.

Myself” you have to hurry its gonna rain”
Me “I’ll get wet”
Myself ” your gonna stay fat!!”
Me ” “&$@@&)””$)@”

Needless to say I did not win that one. I went on a long ride. I stopped at the co-op and got a fresh squeezed juice. Lucky me the guy screwed up my order and I got it free.

Maybe I shouldn’t tell people I talk to myself 😉


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One response to “Long ride

  1. Nothing wrong with talking to yourself. Nothing wrong with arguing with yourself as long as you decide to go riding in the end.

    Thanks for sharing.

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