3 hour walk

So I didn’t bring my bike on my trip. I went on a three hour walk with my family in historic downtown Santa Fe. I failed to realize just how much of the history was related to me. The walking tour was fun I kept up great but what I failed to realize is that I don’t walk anymore I ride. So I am super sore. My calves are a pile of soreness it’s two days later. I went for a mile walk earlier today they seemed to loosen up a bit. I am planning on going on a ride later today. It’s only suppose to get up to 91 today. It’s hot but I have rode in hotter weather. That was a little bit of a self convincing moment kinda of a pep talk. Honestly I don’t wanna go.

Will I go yes! When I am finished with the blog i will slather myself with SPF 70 and fill up my camelback and head off to the co-op it’s 2.1 miles according to mapquest but that doesn’t take in to account the fact that I cut through the parking lot at the library. Okay the road is calling me.

total miles 4.5
Total time 47.19
Heat 112-108 F.

Not bad for someone is 230 pounds over weight. The honest truth it was so hot I thought I wasn’t gonna make it but I did.


I got a few thorns this ride.


And a few scrapes from my less aggressive pedals 😉



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3 responses to “3 hour walk

  1. Congrats on your walk/ride. That’s very impressive!! Especially in such high heat. Just be careful to drink plenty of fluids. I would hate to read that you’ve passed out from the extreme heat!

    • I take a full camelback of water. I also stop in the nearest shade I can find if I feel at all odd. I also take my cell phone and my drag my son with me just in case. I would go later in the day when it’s cooler but I find it amps me up and I do not get to sleep until like 11 which would be fine if I didn’t have to be at work at 6:30am.

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