Thorns, Thorns everywhere Thorns

If you read this post you know I live in the desert it is now in the hot stage soon will be the suck your soul out of your body hot.

The one thing that grows well in the desert is thorns. The other day I felt taller but when I took of my shoes off i realized it was because I had about 1000 thorns stuck on my soles.

So how does one not get million of holes on their tires? I have thorn resistant tires I have tire liners that are thorn resistant oh and self sealing tubes. So far so good. They sell the filled foam tires there basically solid tires. I tried them once. Everything was going well until I tried to turn a corner. Then the combined weight of me was too much for the tubes they came right out of the tires and I did a stint as a land surfer. I do not like solid tubes if your riding on a paved surface and have very easy turns use them but if your in the real world. Try some real tires.

This post was written days ago but I didn’t realize I didn’t post it.



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2 responses to “Thorns, Thorns everywhere Thorns

  1. Even though thorns are not a problem for me I have puncture resistant tyres as well because of broken glass and other pointy things that could do damage which are on the sides of roads.

    I must start practicing changing tubes because it’s benn a long time since I’ve had to do it.

    • If you use the self sealing tubes remember that once you have aired them up that’s it. So make sure everything is perfect first. I learned that the hard way.

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