Last ride before I go on vacation

I am leaving in six hours I have a ton of stuff to do like I don’t know pack. Which is really what I should be doing but why oh why am I gearing up to go for a ride? Because i have had some kind of brain change. I think about riding my bike all the time. I close my eyes and I see my self drenched in sweat on top of some wicked hill I have conquered. But I don’t see fat Mynkist I see something else I see a biking femme fatale.
So here is to a good ride and a safe trip. I wish my bike would fit on the car!!

Just got back from my ride got all of the new tire oil off of Izzo. I rode my complete ride non-stop well except for the stop signs. With my new bike computer I could tell it was 73 degrees burr!! I rode 1.5 miles and I averaged 5 miles an hour. Not bad for someone 230 pounds over her goal weight. Could of gone longer but have to pack. I have to clean . I have to do something. Later gator !


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