I got off the couch

I waited and waited for the swamp cooler guy. He showed up a little after 7. Then he forgot a tool and he leaves I get bored so I started to pump my tires but find out my pump is broken. Hail to the bike god cause when the swamp cooler guy finally showed back up I am little pissed off he asked what was wrong i explained and he had a pump and fixed my tire for me. I also think he asked me out but I was to amazed by my firm tires. I blew him off. The reason I hate riding so late is because it amps me. I am too tired to get out of bed but not tired enough to go to sleep.

So this morning I get up I am a little bit sore didn’t sleep well my dog kept trying to sneak on the bed so she could sleep on my feet. Normally I don’t hurt so much after a ride or my job as dog pillow. But, my msm powder is missing. I blame the teenager. I ransacked the kitchen looking for it finally I decide to go in Blazes room. I ask him where it is nicely because one it’s five am and two he is huge I am afraid he may jump up half asleep and crush me, “Blaze where is my msm powder and the vit c powder”. ” mom leave me alone it’s dark”. ” Where” I ask from the safety of the hall. ” I sold it” Blaze answers. ” WHAT?”. I asked more bravely sorta in his room ” I sold it to the drug dealer down the street … He said he been watching you and that he never saw a fat person move so much… I made 25 dollars”. He answers then rolls over I can hear stifled laughter and fake snoring.

I don’t know to be proud of him for being clever or if I should yell at him for losing my msm powder. I’ll have to decide later I need to get ready for work.

I found the msm and vit c powders they were in the lower kitchen cabinet my mom moved them because she cleaned the kitchen table and arranged it her way. Failing to realize she is a guest and should leave things the &;!:)? alone.


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