It’s 97 degrees outside

It is hot outside it is melt the skin off your face hot. Normally I would be gearing up for a ride but that has been postponed until later today when it’s cooler. I have to wait for the swamp cooler guy. So the ride is postponed until about 7 or 8 tonight. The reason I don’t like going so late is that I go to sleep around 10 so I can be up bright and early to get work.

Today I need to go I didn’t go yesterday because my knee was sore and I wanted to rest it a bit. But today I feel good. I am ultimately afraid if I stop I won’t start again it’s so easy to keep myself on a chair.

I’ll post tomorrow so you can see if I got up off my chair.


That’s Izzo’s new crank and pedals I’ll take a better picture soon.


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