Like Butter

I picked up Izzo my bike from the shop at exactly three. I go in the new lady at the counter wants to know what I am there I reply “I want the giant iguana 650 I broke it”. The bike guy I was complaining about earlier pipes up from behind the racks ” It’s not broken anymore I fixed it” I take ever mean thought and thing I said about him back. He is a mad genius.

When the new lady brought out my bike we started to chit chat about my seat. I am a large woman who weighs over 300 pounds. I do not ride a standard horned bike seat. I ride a hornless seat. It doesn’t rub those delicate girl spots. On that seat I can ride several miles on a regular seat I can get about thirty feet before it becomes wedged into me so far it’s almost unretrievable.

That’s enough to give people nightmares. Okey so if your a girl who is a little over weight try a hornless seat it is good investment in your life. Be stronger live better.

Okey I went off topic the new crank and pedals ride like I am stepping on butter. They are so smooth l don’t ever remember riding on a bike that was so smooth. I am totally in love with them. The new tire is coming in a few days so will be riding in style.


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