To the shop

Well its 9:02 I am heading to the bike shop to see if my bike is salvageable. I am super worried that it will not be. What the heck am I suppose to do if it’s not? I weigh too darn much to go for really longs walks they really hurt. I have three bikes in my bike grave yard. Maybe i can put a seat on the schwin. The problem with the bike grave yard is that nothing is cross compatible. I have a schwin, a specialized and Blazes old roadmaster. But I just bought a new tire for Izzo. Okay enough stalling I am off to the bike shop.

I went to the shop the bike guy said I needed a new crank and the arms. I also bought new pedals. We had a long talk about the pedals. I bought something that was in his words non-aggressive in my words I bought something that will not tear up the back of my legs when I fall. I pick up Izzo at three. Every time I go in there he always looks at me like I am some kinda freak. Maybe he saw me trying on the kid helmets last time I was there. They are so cool. I would totally sport a green frog helmet if it came in my size.. I think he is just one of those people who looks pissed off and aren’t.


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