Last nights ride

Today I am sore!!!!
Yesterday what I failed to note is that when Blaze and I went riding we misjudged the speed of cars when we were crossing the street. I was first so I increased my speed so Blaze could get in behind me out of the main street into this parking lot. We made it safe and sound but I crashed into a mini bridge they had in the front of the building. If I was a guy it would of been a nut cracker. My bike Izzo is like an inch too tall. There was pain involved. I won’t lie. We kept going mainly because we were only a block from the house. There was a storm brewing so it was cooler then normal might of been 80. That’s awesome riding weather out here. We rode further then normal. At one point I tried to push start Izzo like he was a skateboard. Blaze even asked if I was sure if I knew how to ride a bike. I looked like a drunken sailor trying to balance on the bike. I need to learn to rest a little bit longer. I am just so afraid if I stop for too long I will not start again. The last time I stopped I went from 315 to 356 I have a different mindset now. So now I am getting ready to go on a bike ride.


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