Reflective tape

I am so much closer to riding my bike all the way up to work. The thing is I go to work at 6:30am. Which means I ride in the dark. Which means I need to be seen. So I have invested a whole 2.12 in reflective tape. I will apply it to my bike spokes. If I could I would wrap Christmas lights all around my bike and they would light I would. I want to more visible I don’t ever want to be floating over my body hearing I didn’t see her. I want to be seen so I will apply the reflective tape to my rims. The ride to work is gonna be hard Honestly riding home will be cake it’s almost all down hill
Update reflective tape
I put the the reflective tape on my tires today. I think I work harder on my days off then I do on my work days. The tape took like an hour. Then I adjusted the levers on my brakes they were tilted up too high and have been hurting my hands. The next thing I have to do is clean out Blazes camelback it’s getting way super funky. I dislike using bleach only because people fail to realize that good old soap and water does just as good a job. Please don’t get me started on hand sanitizer. Dead germs stuck to your skin ew!! Anyway I think Blazes camelback is screaming for bleach it is that nasty. I think were gonna try out the walking route suggested by mapquest as a route to get me to work. I think it might work. Says its 3.2 miles but depending on where on the bike route it comes up I might have to detour about a mile. I will let you know,



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2 responses to “Reflective tape

  1. I feel the same way! I’m just getting into cycling myself, and I know I’m not the most experienced, so I have lights and tape and reflective clothing to keep me visible. I’m enjoying reading about your journey.

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