I have been slacking on my training. I have been coming up with all kinds of excuses not to do it. Mainly the most direct route to my work is across a bridge where there is no room for both a bike and a car in the same lane, as the biker I feel that Izzo and I would lose. So my friend Jimmney Cricket and I were talking (he is small and annoying} were talking, okay arguing about how I can’t ride to work anymore because I moved and he pointed out that I could take Another STREET. Really? DUH!! Why the hell did it take me so dang long to think of that one? I will tell you why because I didn’t want to. It was the fat talking it doesnt want to leave. I wanted to create my own obstacle. I wanted to not be able to do it. My fat talks I know amazing huh It says things like EAT THE CHEESE CAKE and TAKE THE ELEVATOR. I try not to listen but the FAT IN ME IS STRONG.

I wanted the easy out. I wanted to use the excuse if I go down the main road I will be pushed off the bridge and die in the ravine. Damn you Jimmney Cricket. Damn you!!! I have to fess up I really can get to the bike route and to the bike rack at work. I really can, I have done it before. I can really look at my coworkers with a flushed face and sweat pouring down my face and say yep I AM STILL WEARING MY HELMET.

First thing I need to do is clean up Izzo some more. I just ordered him a new tire. Last Friday I love the place I get the tires from they have great prices but they take forever to send me what I ordered. That means I will have finally replaced all of his original tires. I need to get some new lubricant for the chain. I also saw some tire liners which I am thinking of getting. There are tons of thorns in the desert. I already have thorn resistant tubes and awesome tires. But liners couldn’t hurt.

After that its slow steady trips up the hill to the bike route. Last time it took me about two weeks to make it up to work the first time. It might take me three this time it is a longer route. After I got to work the first time I alternated the days I rode to work first one day to work 2 days off with short rides in between then every other day and then finally every day. I would love not to use my car at all during the summer and only in the winter when it’s too damn cold and icy to ride in the dark to work.



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3 responses to “WORKING ON A NEW ROUTE.

  1. It’s always a hard road to take πŸ™‚ You need some inspiration !

      • I try to add sports into my challenge every single week and its hard every time. I set goals for myself and sometime i reach them πŸ™‚ and sometimes i don’t :(. I have my inspirational things. I am not saying they are all for you but they help me, every single day. My 10% pendant, My journal (yes, with the good and the bad), my weight loss bracelet, the music on my i-pod and for now my new clothes πŸ™‚ And i have my support team, these peeps, push me along whether i need it or not. My mom (who lives like 7000 miles away), my husband and my facebook friends.
        Taking all of the above into consideration i have lost 54,2 pounds, joined a zumba class, added walking to my daily exercise and dropped 3 clothes sizes.
        These may help you or not. You need to find what’s good for you and if you think really hard you will πŸ™‚ Good luck πŸ™‚ I will follow you and see how you do !

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