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We all know biking is a great way to get around the city.  It’s fun, great exercise, good for the environment and often a faster alternative than hoping in the car.

Regardless of whether you rock a vintage Schwinn, your uncle’s hand-me-down mountain bike or the Huffy you rode when you were twelve, it’s important to know the basics of bike maintenance.  You take care of your car, so why wouldn’t you take care of your bike? It is, after all, the only thing between you and face-planting.

First and foremost, study the diagram above. Even if you can’t fix your bike, at least know the lingo.  Just being able to tell a bike mechanic where to look can save everyone a lot of time and money.

If you don’t own a bike pump, buy one. The vast majority of flat tires can be avoided by properly inflating…

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