Riding in the heat

With my current schedule it would require me to leave my house at about 5 am to get to work about 6. The town I live has lots of either half drunk people scurrying home or half asleep people rushing to work. Even with my bike lit like a holiday tree . I still have to ride across a scary bridge in the dark cars rushing by 45 miles an hours honestly scares me. So I ride after work. When it’s hot I live in the desert last ride I went on it was 90 degrees . I wear my helmet it’s white for two reasons 1 it reflects the heat and 2 it makes me more visible when I ride at night. My hair is at an awkward. Stage so I wear a bandana it’s kind of cool its red and has orange flames under helmet which I soak in water. I wear a pair of sunglass in the day when I ride and I wear of pair of clear protective glasses when I ride at night.  I ride on or near busy roads and have had rocks thrown from tires at me and have taken a couple in my face.  I like to see clearly SO I protect my eyes.  I take a full camelback of water and a spare bottle on my rack. Going up and down the hills where I live is enough to quickly dehydrate me.  Besides I am fat I need water to give me a reason for a pit stop. When Blaze and I go for a ride he quickly passes me and then sits at the side of road and waits for me.  I trudge along until I catch up and then still on my bike drink some water and keep going.  If I stopfor too long I will not start again.  My pit stops have two purposes 1 to rehydrate and 2 to catch my breath.  The Camelback is the most important piece of gear here in the desert the temperatures can get up to 114 Fahrenheit or 46 Celsius.  I even see runners carry the camelbacks out here. Wherever you ride take your water. Think about your route and how safe it is. Every time I go on a new route I drive it first to look for possible problems or safety hazards. Safety first I nag a lot but I have had my bone sticking out of my wrist and personally I like my bones in my body

I grew up in L.A. that’s Los Angeles California so I always think about my personal safety and the safety of my bike. If I stop somewhere I look around where I am I check out the people around me. If someone looks like they are dangerous I move along. I am not a skittish person I don’t immediately look at someone and judge them by appearance I judge by action. If said dangerous person is looking for a way to harm me I move along. Long haired freaky people are my kind of people.   I lock up my bike if I go into a store even for a minute.  At home I lock my bike up.   I live a relatively rural place now when I go out with the locals I baffle them by locking my car.  My best friend was car jacked locked in the trunk of her car a down a ravine. Luckily we had been hiking in that area a week prior and she knew that there was a steep drop off coming and stopped herself from falling down it.  She broke her leg but didn’t die at the bottom of the ravine.  Be safe pay attention to what’s around who around and what’s going on its important because your important.


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