Blaze’s New Bike

 I have mentioned Blaze in earlier blogs what I have failed to mention is how tall he is.  He is 6’3” for those of you who think metric its 191cm.  I am 5’7” or 170cm.  He calls me Shrimp I call him Shorty.  Well as you can imagine that bike we bought for him at Wal-Mart is too short for him.  He has been riding it but its super uncomfortable for him.  I took him to one of our local bike shops.  They didn’t have a bike built that would fit him.  They had to special order it, extra big frame extra big wheels etc.  With the thorn resistant tubes and the thorn resistant tires grand total of around 400 bucks.  

I believe that my kids should earn things especially things that they will need to respect 400 dollars worth of bike needs to be respected.  I mean I got my bike out of a pile of weeds.  So I have been making Blaze do slave labor around the house.  Weeding, washing dishes  and what else I need but his absolute hardest job is taking care of my mom for the last 10 weeks.   She had foot surgery and has not been able to put any weight on her foot at all.  She can’t get her wheelchair into my bathroom it’s too small so she has to use a pot.  Blaze takes care of this while I am at work.  He also has to make sure she eats and bring her coffee. She is old and cranky and screams a lot.  Every pay period I put 50 on his bike and whatever money he gives me towards it . My mom will give him some money once in a while so he puts some of that towards his new bike.  He has 130 dollars left at least that is what he thinks. 

Yesterday I snuck over to the bike shop and paid 100 I also told them to put it together so we pick it up TODAY!!  He has no idea!  Seriously I feel like a kid waiting for a holiday from school.


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