Bike in the weeds

I was riding my roadmaster bike when I noticed that the forks which have those cool built in shocks had popped right out.  I took it to the bike shop long story short more to fix then the bike was worth.  Roadmaster gets banished to the bike graveyard.   Now I was bikeless.   Biking is the one thing I can do at my weight besides swimming that doesn’t tear up my knees or my ankles.  Now I have no bike at first I keep to my diet but then I fall off and do a spiral into my personal hole of despair.   In reality I see no hope…  Honestly I weigh about 328 and when I finally crawl out of I weigh 356 this takes me over a year.

A year later I  still don’t have a bike. Finally the universe sends me gift.  My mom moves into a friend’s house while I  was visiting she gave me  the grand  tour.   You know this kitchen the living room etc.  I follow her around eyes rolling in the back of my head bored out of my skull. About 20 minutes into the tour I see a glimmer of metal.   Along the fence I basically see a wide tire and some handlebars.  I mention to my mom that those are the perfect tires for me. Remember I am bored out of my mind  I start thinking I have about 4 dead bikes in my bike graveyard.  My thought was I will take and build me a frakenbike.

I have my mom ask the owner if I can have the bike.  I can!!!  I find out later that the bike had been sitting in those weeds for not one year, not two years but five years.   I literally had to yank the bike out of those weeds it was dark when I did it. I had no idea what I had.  I loaded it up and  took it home put it in the car port.  Next morning I take it into the kitchen and start pulling off the weeds.  They are everywhere in the spokes, gears, brake wires, and even growing in the  headlight.  It took me hours to remove them all.  Finally I reveal my new bike.  It’s a Giant Iguana 650.  I didn’t know what that was. I do now. It’s the perfect bike for me.

 Here is something amazing  after I finished my weed removal I took a look at the tires they looked good I thought what the heck and pumped them up.  They had specialized thorn resistant tubes .Then I did something even more insane after I went to the graveyard and got my old seat and lights off the roadmaster I went for a ride. It was then I knew the universe had thrown me a rope.  It rode amazingly. It squeaked i won’t lie. It needed a good dose of grease after 5 years in the desert of New Mexico you would too. I have gotten my weight down to 339.4 I am doing hcg.  I do light bike riding.  That’s how I got my bike.  I named him  IZZO I will put picture s up later


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