Where I went

I still a very heavy girl in fact I weigh about 26 pounds more then I did when I first started writing this blog.  A lot of things happened I fell into a hole where I belived matter what I did  nothing gets better place in my life.  I call it a hole cause its dark and scary  and the only one there is me. I am learning if you do nothing in the hole it doesn’t stay the same it gets worse.  I didn’t stay 315 I moved up to 356. I stopped moving and I ate.  Thankfully I stopped before I went up to my top weight of 370.  Honestly my top weight was probably more but I don’t know my scale maxed out at 360 and then went back around for about 10 more. I broke it.  I have broken couches, chairs, stools and 3 bikes so far.  Enough is enough its time to start crawling out of the hole. So that’s where I been and where I am going is on a bike ride later today.    I’ll report back with details later but for  now  I am wishing you a safe ride.


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  1. You’ve got the right attitude, you’ll do it, just remind yourself of that each time it gets hard!

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