I thought it would be a good idea to work out some of my anger. I have had anger issues most of my life. There are two people that I especially hate, my grandmother and my biological father. When I first started riding my bike it was extremely hard for me to get up the first small hill right by my house. I decided when I couldn’t get any more strength out myself that I would smash them by stomping down on my pedals. I named one for grams and the other for dear ole dad. This really worked I actually started to make some progress. I made it up that hill and even up the next hill just before the bike trail. I t notice to my pedals where making a popping noise I rode them like that for a few days. Then they started to bug the heck out me. I finally had to take a look at them. They were popping because I had physically broken them. They were the physical embodiment of my anger towards my enemies. When I broke the pedals, I realized that I also broke my anger towards them. I don’t hate them now I pity them for their cruelty, I pity them for being unable to love me, and I pity me for not being able to forgive and wasting my valuable life on being angry with them. You can’t make a chicken fly like an eagle, but you can leave the chicken behind and search out the eagle and enjoy its flight.


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  1. plusran

    That’s fascinating. I’m so glad you were able to turn your anger around, and move forward.

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