I made it up the hill!

I have been struggling for over 2 months to get up this really hard hill. I keep riding up half way and then walking up the rest of the way.  Today I made it up half way then stopped and rested and then kept going, I almost fell off my bike 3 times.  But I made it up that stinking hill.  My legs are killing me I will walk it tomorrow.  Then the next day I will attempt the hill again.  I dont count the fact that I almost fell I am proud of the fact I made it



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2 responses to “I made it up the hill!

  1. It takes me 55 minutes to get work and only 40 minutes to get home. So i decided that i needed to work harder to get to work in a shorter amount of time. This was the day after I made it up the hill. When I got to work after pushing my self the entire way. I noticed that my back was hurting bad. So I took a day off

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